Review Article
Rethinking the Restriction on Nutrition During Hemodialysis Treatment
Brandon M. Kistler, Peter J. Fitschen, T. Alp Ikizler, Kenneth R. Wilund
Original Research
The Relationship Between the Level of Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D and Renal Function in Patients Without Chronic Kidney Disease: A Cross-Sectional Study
Young Jin Tak, Jeong Gyu Lee, Sang Heon Song, Yun Jin Kim, Sangyeoup Lee, Dong Wook Jung, Yu Hyeon Yi, Young Hye Cho, Eun Jung Choi, Hye Rim Hwang
Urine Creatinine–Based Estimates of Fat-Free Mass in Community-Dwelling Older Persons: The Rancho Bernardo Study
Simerjot K. Jassal, Christina L. Wassel, Gail A. Laughlin, Elizabeth Barrett-Connor, Dena E. Rifkin, Joachim H. Ix
Dietary Habits, Poverty, and Chronic Kidney Disease in an Urban Population
Deidra C. Crews, Marie Fanelli Kuczmarski, Edgar R. Miller, Alan B. Zonderman, Michele K. Evans, Neil R. Powe
Understanding the Associations Between Modifying Factors, Individual Health Beliefs, and Hemodialysis Patients’ Adherence to a Low-Phosphorus Diet
John O. Elliott, Carl Ortman, Salem Almaani, Yun Hui Lee, Kim Jordan
Body Composition in Dialysis Patients: A Functional Assessment of Bioimpedance Using Different Prediction Models
Natascha J.H. Broers, Remy J.H. Martens, Tom Cornelis, Nanda M.P. Diederen, Peter Wabel, Frank M. van der Sande, Karel M.L. Leunissen, Jeroen P. Kooman
Research Brief
Advantage of Insulin Glulisine Over Regular Insulin in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes and Severe Renal Insufficiency
Hiromi Urata, Katsuhito Mori, Masanori Emoto, Yuko Yamazaki, Koka Motoyama, Tomoaki Morioka, Shinya Fukumoto, Hidenori Koyama, Tetsuo Shoji, Eiji Ishimura, Masaaki Inaba
Open Access
Letter to the Editor
Subjective Global Assessment Remains an Important Nutrition Assessment Tool: Response to Marcelli, DiBenedetto, Ciotola, Grassmann, and Canaud
Rosa K. Hand Alison L. Steiber
Message From the Chairperson
Message From the Chairperson
Judy Kirk
March Meeting Announcements
National Kidney Foundation 2015 Spring Clinical Meetings Abstracts
Table of Contents, National Kidney Foundation 2015 Spring Clinical Meetings Abstracts, March 25-29, 2015
Effect of using Audio and Visual Aids for Instructing Patients about Middle Eastern Hemodialysis Diet on Knowledge and Understanding
Dietary Acid Load: Implications in the Metabolic Acidosis of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease.
Animal Protein Intake is Associated with Protein Adequacy in Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients
Interleukin-10 (Il-10) and Markers of Nutrition and Inflammation in a Stable Hemodialysis Population.
Effect of Diet Education with a Phosphate Bioavailability Focus on Hyperphosphatemia and Diet Behaviors in Hemodialysis Patients
Are There any Nutritional Status Differences Among Nursing Home Patients Versus Non–Nursing Home Patients on Hemodialysis?
Personalized Nutritional Counseling in Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients: The Impact During Six Months of Follow–Up.
Which Body Composition and Nutritional Status Markers Best Predict Survival in Hemodialysis Patients?
A Scale to Measure Gastrointestinal Symptoms Associated with a Single Hemodialysis Treatment: Validation and Association with Dietary Intake During Treatment.
The “Phosphate Additives Treasure Hunt” (Path): A Self–Management Approach for Enchancing Phosphate Additive Education in a Multi–Site Dialysis Program
Intradialytic Parenteral Nutrition (IDPN) in Home Hemodialysis (HHD)Patients.
Comparison of Predictive Energy Equations Among Individuals on Maintenance Hemodialysis
Investigating the Relationship Between Measured Resting Energy Expenditure and Steady State Among Patients on Maintenance Hemodialysis
Dietitians’ Opinions are Changing on Food Consumption at Treatment
ICURT Proceedings
Uremia Research and Toxicity
Shaul G. Massry, Kunitoshi Iseki, Toshimitsu Niwa
Indoxyl Sulfate Upregulates Prorenin Expression via Nuclear Factor-κB p65, Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 3, and Reactive Oxygen Species in Proximal Tubular Cells
Shinichi Saito, Maimaiti Yisireyili, Hidehisa Shimizu, Hwee-Yeong Ng, Toshimitsu Niwa
Cardiorenal Syndrome: Role of Protein-Bound Uremic Toxins
Suree Lekawanvijit, Henry Krum
Uremic Toxins, Oxidative Stress, and Renal Fibrosis: An Interwined Complex
Chia-Ter Chao, Chih-Kang Chiang
Role of Uremic Toxins in Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agent Resistance in Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis Patients
Masaomi Nangaku, Imari Mimura, Junna Yamaguchi, Yoshiki Higashijima, Takehiko Wada, Tetsuhiro Tanaka
Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents: Dose and Mortality Risk
Guido Bellinghieri, Carmela Giuseppina Condemi, Salvatore Saitta, Gianluca Trifirò, Sebastiano Gangemi, Vincenzo Savica, Michele Buemi, Domenico Santoro
Carnitine in Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients
Gianfranco Guarnieri
Gene Mutations in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients With Secondary Hyperparathyroidism and Sagliker Syndrome
Osman Demirhan, Ahmet Arslan, Yahya Sagliker, Eylul Akbal, Sercan Ergun, Recep Bayraktar, Hasan Sabit Sagliker, Ekrem Dogan, Ramazan Gunesacar, Piril Sagliker Ozkaynak
Vitamin D Receptor Polymorphism in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients With Complicated Cardiovascular Disease
Domenico Santoro, Silvia Lucisano, Giorgia Gagliostro, Angela Alibrandi, Salvatore Benvenga, Riccardo Ientile, Guido Bellinghieri, Michele Buemi, Daniela Caccamo
Nephroprotective Action of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System Blockade in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients: The Landscape After ALTITUDE and VA NEPHRON-D Trails
Boleslaw Rutkowski, Leszek Tylicki
Recent Topics on Podocytes and Aldosterone
Miki Nagase
Recent Advances in Understanding the Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis in CKD Patients
Sudhir V. Shah, Ashutosh M. Shukla, Chhanda Bose, Alexei G. Basnakian, Mohan Rajapurkar
25-Hydroxyvitamin D and Advanced Glycation Endproducts in Healthy and Hypertensive Subjects: Are There Interactions?
Michael Stürmer, Katarína Šebeková, Gholamreza Fazeli, Udo Bahner, Franz Stäb, August Heidland
Factors Affecting Daily Physical Activity and Physical Performance in Maintenance Dialysis Patients
Joel D. Kopple, Jun C. Kim, Bryan B. Shapiro, Min Zhang, Yinan Li, Janos Porszasz, Rachelle Bross, Usama Feroze, Rajeev Upreti, Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh
Endocrine and Metabolic Changes Affecting Cardiovascular Disease in Dialysis Patients
Tetsuo Shoji, Masanori Emoto, Yoshiki Nishizawa, Masaaki Inaba
Insulin Resistance as a Therapeutic Target for Chronic Kidney Disease
Daniel Teta
Diabetic Nephropathy and Proximal Tubular Damage
Sydney C.W. Tang, Wai Han Yiu, Miao Lin, Kar Neng Lai
Bioimpedance Can Solve Problems of Fluid Overload
Samer R. Abbas, Fansan Zhu, Nathan W. Levin
Timing of Dialysis Initiation: When to Start? Which Treatment?
Paul Leurs, Anna Machowska, Bengt Lindholm
Restoration of Parathyroid Function After Change of Phosphate Binder From Calcium Carbonate to Lanthanum Carbonate in Hemodialysis Patients With Suppressed Serum Parathyroid Hormone
Masaaki Inaba, Senji Okuno, Harumi Nagayama, Shinsuke Yamada, Eiji Ishimura, Yasuo Imanishi, Shigeichi Shoji
Endothelial Progenitor Cells and Asymmetric Dimethylarginine After Renal Transplantation
Vladimír Teplan, Andrea Mahrová, Ivana Králová-Lesná, Jaroslav Racek, Ivo Valkovský, Milena Štollová
Clinical Trials in Uremia—Time to Reappraise
Garabed Eknoyan
Thank you to Our Reviewers
Product Update
Benefit and Use of Prebiotics in Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease
Lindsey Zirker
Patient Education
The Benefits of Mentoring: The Mushroom Hunters—How to Teach Your Patients What to Find in Themselves!
Katy G. Wilkens


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